NETFUND  lead a team of innovators that it has supported through NETFUND Green Innovations Award to showcase to an international community various innovations that are greatly contributing towards enhancing a pollution free planet in a more sustainable manner. The exhibitors  include; Qtron Systems 3D Printer innovation which focuses on 3D printing technology that is used in prototyping, data visualization and making figures (solid images) using materials from recycled plastic waste.  This is opposed to other methods which require lots of energy and results in lots of waste in terms of materials.

Similarly, NETFUND showcased Dajopen – Organic Fertilizer an innovation which collects bio-degradable waste materials from dumpsites across different counties. The organic fertilizer balances the soil pH, enhances water retention capacity of the soil, increases in the organic carbon content of the soil, enriches soil fertility, increases root aeration hence increasing crop yield. Trace Eco Solutions Ltd innovations among others  took part in an exhibition to showcase construction Eco Blocks and Tiles which are Eco-friendly, affordable and durable building products from discarded post-consumer waste materials such as plastics, glass waste and industrial left over fly ash.


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