In line with our vision of sustainable financing for environmental management in Kenya, NETFUND will be launching its Green Innovations Award Phase IV competition in January 2020.  The Green Innovations Award aims at encouraging Kenyans to embrace and instill amongst themselves, a culture of self-regulation in environmental management and envisions a future where, all citizens can take personal and community responsibility for the management of the environment.

The Award focuses on agribusiness, water, energy and resource based waste management. It begins with a comprehensive and inclusive awareness program that reaches all levels of the society, with particular focus on bottom of the pyramid and its categories including; Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Individuals, Community Based Organizations, Small Medium Sized Enterprises and Women Groups.

The Award will also incorporate a special categories of counties that have encouraged tree planting and growing initiatives by incorporating the community and households

NETFUND Green Innovations Award identifies, recognizes, rewards and nurtures innovative projects and ideas in environmental management paying attention on Sustainable Livelihoods by stimulating solutions for and by the bottom of the pyramid, in order to tackle environmental degradation, climate change and poverty, while enhancing inclusive economic growth.

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