NETFUND has supported planting and growing of over 121,500  tree seedlings across a number of counties in response to the presidential 10% National tree cover target by 2022. Following the last comprehensive forest cover assessment, conducted in 2013, by the Ministry of Environment and Forest, by 2010 the national forest cover stood at 4.18 million Ha,representing 6.99% of the total land area. In 2015, the forest cover was estimated at 7.2% based on the national projection from the 2010 forest cover data according to the Global Forest Resources Assessment Report, 2015 (FAO, 2015) which is below the recommended minimum global standard of 10%

Presidential Directive was issued on the same note, setting a constitutional target of 10% national tree cover to be achieved by 2022 with technical support of Kenya Forest Service and allocation of 10% Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to tree growing.  NETFUND officially launched the tree planting exercise at Maranda High School, Siaya County on June 10, 2019 where 40,000 tree seedlings were donated and planted.  Similarly, NETFUND donated and planted seedlings across the country. In Kirinyaga County, 20,000 tree seedlings were donated. The seedlings were planted at Kinyaa Kiiru primary & secondary school, Kavote primary school, Thiba Primary School Upper Sagana Primary school and at Thumaita Block,Mount Kenya forest.

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