The REWG is a consortium of organizations that share the common objective of promoting adoption and increased access to clean energy resources and technologies in Kenya. The Renewable Energy Working Group (REWG) will be hosting a regional conference on Energy, Air Pollution and Health in April 2020, with the National Environment Trust Fund (NETFUND) playing the secretariat role. Details of the dates and venue will be shared in due course. This will be the third conference to be hosted by the REWG.

The Conference aims to provide a forum for knowledge sharing among renewable energy actors in the East African region, thereby contribute to attaining the Sustainable Development Goal 7 of ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all. The under-pinning aspiration for the conference is a more coordinated and integrated approach to energy, environment and health management for cleaner air and better health. The following are the expected conference outcomes:

  • Increased knowledge and awareness on the energy, air pollution and health nexus, and the existing regional, national and sub-national management strategies, policies and action plans by key stakeholders
  • Increased dialogue and action at regional, national and local governments on clean energy access and air quality management for improved human health
  • Increased linkages and collaboration between the multiple key stakeholders.

In the previous two conferences, focus was on networking and building the capacity of county officials and stakeholders from the environment and the energy sectors to delivery clean cooking solutions to their constituents. In the third conference, the REWG expanded the scope of the annual conference in terms of geographical coverage, target group and themes – focus is now on the work of various renewable energy actors in the East African region.

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