Approaches to achieving sustainable sanitation solutions in kenya

It is estimated that 565 million people in Sub Saharan Africa have no access to sanitation, and 330 million people live without access to safe water. The poverty link to water, sanitation and hygiene is well proven; addressing these issues…

Realizing the potential of Ocean based Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable Energy is  collected from renewable sources, which are naturally replenished on a human timescale such as sunlight, wind, water and rain, tides, waves, and […]

Devolution provides the answer to cleaner Household Energy

Since the 1950s when we first realized the harmful effects of air pollution on our health and the eco system, governments and policy makers have […]

Beating plastic pollution through the 4R’s lifestyle

This year’s World Environment Day focus was on “Beating  Plastic Pollution”. It is a United Nations led celebrations and the most significant event in the […]

The Future of Renewable Energy in Kenya: Concerted efforts of National and County Government.

“Countries generating more than 15% of their electricity from geothermal sources include El savador, Kenya, phillipines,Iceland and Costa Rica. Geothermal power is considered to be a sustainable, renewable source of energy because the heat extraction is small compared with the earth’s heat content.”

Innovating for a better tomorrow to address Climate Change menace

50 percent of the ocean’s area sits beyond national jurisdiction, including the infamous ‘garbage patches’ in oceanic gyres where plastic accumulates.”

What is your take on Policy and Waste Management in Kenya

It is no secret that the quantity and the generation rate of solid waste in the country, and especially in our urban centres, has increased […]

Improving livelihoods through sustainable Agricultural practices

A community based organization based in Kitale town, Dajopen aims at tackling the economic, soil and environmental conditions of vulnerable communities through a community based […]

NETFUND lead a Sustainable Innovation Expo during UNEA-3 Conference

  NETFUND  lead a team of innovators that it has supported through NETFUND Green Innovations Award to showcase to an international community various innovations that […]

NETFUND spearheads Renewable Energy Technologies Forum

The National Environment Trust Fund(NETFUND) spearheaded the Renewable Energy Technologies (RET) Forum held at Nakuru County on 6th -8th December 2017. NETFUND engaged key stakeholders […]

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