Waste Management has proven to be a major challenge in most urban centers in Kenya and this is because its handling and proper disposal commands a considerable budgetary allocation.There are more than 7 billion of us producing waste every day. A staggering half of that waste isn’t collected, treated or safely disposed off, and it’s causing a global waste crisis.

NETFUND views waste as a major resource as most waste consist of considerable organic matter and minerals. These resources within the waste can be extracted to produce other high quality products such as bio gas and fertilizer.

NETFUND supports 33% of projects under Waste Management with the potential of turning them into green enterprises through the Green Innovation Awards (GIA) program. The initiatives use recycled products ranging from plastic waste and organic waste. The initiatives have managed to recycle 7589 tons leading to production of over 1000 metric tons of Renewable Biomass Energy.

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