Currently, sustainable access to safe water in Kenya is low with only about 60% of urban and 40% of rural populations having access to safe water. Water is not only the most important factor of production but together with sanitation influence human health. The cumulative impacts of unavailability of clean water, are main drivers for the need for innovations geared towards provision of clean water and improving sanitation. The initiatives generate revenue through the sale of the water and horticulture and tree nurseries leading to an increase in revenue Ksh. 69,000 to Ksh. 130,000 translating to 88% increase in revenue.

The use of technologies in Water Resource Management, supply and quality is currently low. Thus NETFUND through the GIA programme has supported innovations that seek to improve the adoption of appropriate technologies in water purification (and desalination), monitoring, distribution and use. Innovations around water recycling are promoted with an aim of improving water use efficiency and the general water security in the country. NETFUND has enabled 16,000 people in Siaya County access clean water and over 2000 students and community members access the same in Nyalusi Location Bungoma County.


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